The Kizomba dance is acouple dance, in which the torso and right arm of the leader will guide the follower across the dance floor. It is the goal to synchronize perfectly as a couple with the music and express it through elegant footwork, smooth body movement, and attitude.

Across the world, Kizomba dance got mixed with other dance styles such as Tango, HipHop, Latin Dances, Lambazouk, Acrobatics and more and created several major subcategories such as Kizomba Fusion, Urban Kiz, Urban Kiz Tango and Urban Kiz Sensual.

Kizomba has its origin in coastal South African nation of Angola. Kizomba is derived from the word, Kimbundo, meaning party. Kimbundu is a minority Bantu tribal language spoken in Angola and influenced by the Portuguese.

Most of the song lyrics for Kizomba is sung in Portuguese. The music and dance is derived from semba, a kind of mixture of Angolan Merengue and the tribal Kilapanda dance.

Summer Kizomba Practica  Linköping


Linköpings Dans Studio

Snickaregatan 9, Linköping


Every thursday, from june 30th until Sept 1st.

Starts at 6 pm until 8 pm ( 2 hours).


Open for everynone who loves Kizomba

Ticket Cost?

Pay at door. 50 kr only!

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June, 30

6-8 pm

Linköpings Dansstudio

July, 7

6-8 pm

Linköpings Dansstudio

July. 14

6-8 pm

Linköpings Dansstudio

July, 21

6-8 pm

Linköpings Dansstudio

Kizomba Class with Kristofer in Linköping

Now you have the chance to continue taking courses in kizomba in Linköping with an international instructor. Kristofer has taught in 60 countries worldwide, and now during 2021-2022 he has taught in Linköping for the first time in 8 years, together with Dao from Linköping.

Now in August, we plan to start again. Take care as long as it fits with his schedule!

Preliminary course times:

Onsdag 24 augusti
Onsdag 7 september
Onsdag 21 september
Onsdag 5 oktober


Linköpings Dansstudio,
Snickaregatan 9, Linköping